Optic radiation injury in patients with aneurismal_论文

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N EU RA L R EG EN ERAT10N  RESEARCH   mC 础r  www.nrronline.org  ● IM AGIN G IN N EURAL REGENERATIoN  tensor imma ging report  .。d  Sung Ho Jang ,Chul Hoon Chang2,Young Jin Jung ̄,Seong Ho Kim ,/eong Pyo Seo ’  n h   1 Departm ent ofPhysical M edicine and Rehabilitation,College ofM edicine,Yeungnam  University,Nam ku,Daegu, Republic of Korea  2 Departm ent of.N1eu roseurg er ̄ College ofM edicine,Yeungnam  University,N am ku,Daegu,Republic ofKorea  m  Funding:This work was supported by the National Research Foundation(NRF)ofKorea Grantfunded by 砌e Korean Government(MSIP)  (2015R1A2A2A01004073).  Abstract  Visual feld defect is one of the various clinical m anifestations in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage  *Correspondence to:  l gm   (SAH).Little is known about the pathogenic m echanism ofvisual field defect in SAH.In the current study,  /eongPyo Seo,Ph.n,  we investigated the difusion tensor imaging(DTI)finding of the optic radiation in patients with SAH fol—  raphae10905@hanmail.net.  1owing rupture of a cerebral artery aneurysm .W e recruited 21 patients with aneurism al SAH (12 males,9  femalas,mean age,52.67 years;range,41-68 years)who showed no definite lesion along the visual pathway.  orcid:  址S Hp啪   Twenty—one age—and sex—matched normal control subjects were also recruited.DTI data were acquired at  0000.0002—2695—7957  an average 0f 5.9 weeks(range:3-12 weeks)after onset and reconstruction of the optic radiation was per一 (Jeong eyo SeDJ  fcIrmed using DTI—Studio software.The fractional anisotropy value,apparent dif ir【sion coemcient value,  and fiber number of the optic radiation were measured.111e fractional anisotropy value of tj1e optic radia— doi:10.4103/1673.5374.228763  tion was significantly decreased,and the apparent diflusion coeficient value was signif icant ly increased,in  patients with aneurismal SAH than in normal contro1 subjects.However,there was no signif icant dif ief—  Ac卯 抛 2017-12—13  ence in the fiber number of the optic radiation between patients with aneurismal SAH and norm al control  m呻 m  subjects.The decrem ent of fractional anisotropy value and increment of apparent diffusion coeflicient  value of the optic radiation in patients with aneurismal SAH suggest optic radiation injury.Therefore,we  recommend a thorough evaluation for optic radiation injury in patient with aneurism aI SAH .  Key Words:nervnae re genryera t ion;difusion tensor imaging;optic radiation;subarachnoid hemorrhage;visualfield  defect;neural re